Blank Space

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022814 Lazy Daisy.

Dress – Thrifted
Shoes – Thrifted
I got thrifted again! And this time dress is my most passionate item that I have found… That was a black daisy print dress that look grungy on my fave gladiator shoes. I was fond of dresses these days and given back the 90’s, this dress is long ago designed! I was imagining it vintage.
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Enjoy! Happy Easter!

021314 To be with you.

Floral Top – From my Mom’s Closet
Denim Short – D.I.Y.
Shoes – Thrifted
Posted on last February 13, 2014. I know that it was late posting this on the blog but, Now i really made it! Sorry that I was so really late because of the “TURTLE – NET”! Lol! Turtle net because it has so many problems when it comes to connectivity these days but it solve.
By the way, this outfit that i want to share is supposed to be the outfit for the valentines day, with matching grunge inspired look… Valentines because, I was supposedly post this on the valentines day! And second, my Floral Top that I wear, originally from mom is romantically looked perfect for may grungy romantic theme… Also, I made a D.I.Y denim shorts that I wish it get washier the color of it.
Okay, so much for that! Happy day guys!
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Back in the Game

Sweater – Vintage
Under Shirt – Vintage Plaid Mint Polo
Black Skirt – Thrifted
Gladiator Flats – Boardwalk
I’m now back on blogging after the long days of Practicum… I am a graduating student so I be better prioritize my studies, but I’m also enjoying blogging! Because now i’m back, I share this my new post/outfit Idea that fit to our current weather here in the Philippines…
Like in other countries, we experiencing cold weather, so I decided to have a layering of sweater which is I got from my mom to a Plaid Polo from my mom also as my top. Then giving back my fave black skirt and my gladiator flat shoes, that making it more comfortable in this situation.
Hope you like the page!

Light Me Up

Beanie – Thrift Store
Dress – Thrift Store
Denim Vest – Jordache
Shoes – Boardwalk
Almost coming from Thrift stores! As usual… Heheheh, but anyways, this look trying grunger in other ways. I mix and match the black dress, that I usually wore in a trick or treat event, but in these photos, I collaborate it with my Jordache Denim Vest, and it has perfectly combined (For me? Hehehe…). Okay, I’m a little bit groggy… Happy Saturday to us!
To God be the Glory.