Beauty Report: Daily Cosmetics


I’ve been longing to post something that I know, not everyone are interested with but I want to share it with guts. These products are usually my “babies” to beautify myself in and out of blog and at work. Continue reading “Beauty Report: Daily Cosmetics”


She NAILED: Aztec Nails D.I.Y.

This Post is part of my nail art segment (Hehehe…) At my home i don’t know what to do, but to design my nails… which also love!
I’m having fond of patterns these days so i decided to experiment my D.I.Y. Aztec inspired nail art. But so sorry that isn’t as perfect as in the other nails on the web but i do my very best to give a damn detail on my nails.
And here’s how i do it! (In my Fingernails on Toe)
The Materials.
Step 1: On your well-cleaned nails, first coat our base, i decided Chic’s Toffee Cream as my base coat on my nails. Then Coated in Bobbi Matte Top Coat, to be a whitish finished nails.
Step 2: After coating the base and dry up a little, you can now draw patterns using Black Nail Art Pen and Brush courtesy of Chic, I use the brush for the lines and pen tip on the dots.
Step 3: After doing the patterns, next is coloring it using three colors on the materials above. And then finish it with the Colorless Top Coat to ensure the neatness of the patterns and colors itself.
For Yellow Portion:
For the Blue one:
Last is Red:
All were taken at my phone camera.
But here’s my shot at my camera with my rare photography in my own finger nails. Hope you lik it!
That’s a wrapped! Hope you get an Idea on it! Happy Friday everyone! Stay Safe! Have Fun.
Nail Cremes:
Yellow – LM Pen and Brush Nail color
Blue – San San Nail color
Red – Bobbi Salon Finish Exactly Red Nail Cream
Top Coat – Caronia
Base Coat – Chic Toffee Cream Nail color
Matte Top Coat – Bobbi Salon Finish
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She NAILED: Matte Nail Polish, the cheapest way.

Girls are having fun of “Nail Art-ing” and from this segment of my blog, I will show you the cheapest Matte Polish that some girls here in the Philippines, obsessed of…
When I was in the market yesterday, I’m roaming around for that so called “matte nail polish”, but then as time goes by, I decided to look not only for that polish but also some other stuffs that are related in nail art-ing. And I just found out this…
This is Bobbie Basic Coat Matte Top Coat. I am amazed what this polish looks like when it applies, then as see on the picture, like I said earlier I look the other stuffs as well… i buy and used red polish like this one…
This also a Bobbie Premium Nail Creme in Perfect Red. I first coated it in my cleaned fingernails, and for finale the matte top coat as it switch it from shiny sheer to matte finished polish. These polish can bought from about less than 100 pesos here in leading supermarket and beauty boutiques in the Philippines. I hope this post will help to those who are looking for matte finished polish.
Here are some of my photos experimenting other color(black), finished using  Bobbie Basic Matte Top Coat.