When In: Ibajay, Aklan Photo Diary 2018

January 24, 2018

I booked tickets for four people to Caticlan Airport to visit our hometown Ibajay, Aklan were I aimed to witness Ati-Ati festival there.

Another thing, is to unwind and relax myself together with my parents and my friend to exhausting working days in Manila.

A day after we arrived at the old house, we roam the nearby sight seeings to tour our eyes and mind for a new instagram feed! Hahahah! Yes ofcourse instagram feed is life.

We went to suba which means river nearby the town.

And also the old port.

It is my first time to experience how their festival celebrates. It is a one week festivities until their patron saint is to be released to the devotees. They paint themselves using a charcoal to make their skin look dark, like the ancestral tribe ati’s. As part of the festivities, many competitions were held during the week of celebration of the feast, including the float of every baranggays. Here’s what our baranggay float looks…

It is according to what you supposed to portray the Santo Niño as part of everyday life.

They are fully devoted to their patron Santo Niño or the child Jesus, were it is celebrated not only in our place but also in other parts of Panay Island and all over the country according to the traditions and beliefs of their religion.

Sad-sad is their term used when you join on there parade occur almost everyday or a week before the said kaarawan or the day of the feast. Joini on these parades are part of how you rejoice to the child Jesus as you walk/dancing to the streets from your baranggay up to the church were the patron saint located.

After the feast, we had a side trip to Basang Cave and Cold Springs were the water is fresh and runs naturally from the mountains to their man-made pools… We had just small outing event together with the relatives.

Look, how clear the water from under.

The next day, we decided on the very last trip before we depart for Manila trip, we rode back to Caticlan Jetty Port which is 45 minutes away from Ibajay to visit and to relax overnight at Boracay Island. Also had a little morning swim there.

I also wait for the sunset at beach… And its relaxing to see while we sip a coffee.

I book a room for four from Agoda app, and it is for a night stay. It so cozy stay there! The name of the hotel is Indila. You can stay there at a convinient price! And the staff is accomodating also. Here’s what our room looks like.

The bed.

Overall, the tiredness on the feast and road trips are replaced by the beautiful scenery, bountiful food and amazing feast. Souvenir nothing but the experience.

These photos were taken at an iphone and instax mini films, here are the remaining shot during the vacation.



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