What’s on my mind in 2018?

Here’s how I look forward on 2018…

1. Continuing Money Savings Challenge.

Last year, 2017, I didn’t write on the last blog post that I accept the money savings challenge from the blog, Kuripot PinayIt is the 52 Weeks Money Challenge in Philippine peso version. It is also my sister influenced me to save money out of it. I accept the 50 peso increment that listed in a table form and print it in a sticker paper and stick it to an empty large piknik carton can and it did do the best to save up some money on a purpose. This year I continue to do that challenge, and I want to level up to 100.

 2. Travelling and Photography.

Last year, I travel very often, now I’m looking forward for more travels and travel companion and post it to this blog.

3. Blogging very creatively.

As I said on the previous blog, I want to be more focus on brainstorming on blogging and post more.

4. Vlogging (?)

With Question mark, why? I don’t know how to start with this kind of update on blog, but I will consult with ones knows about this so I will be able to post videos (probably) of my updated life.

5. Practicing Zero – Waste Challenge.

I know it was a hard journey, specially here in the Philippines, millions of people here not practicing this stuff, and I’m being worried about the health of our nature and environment. It started when I watched many videos in facebook about awareness and concern about global environment in the news feed of my account, and as I watched further, I realize something that making me pursue this stuff not only just for me but also for my family. And I think I will be the first move to our household  to make this happen. I was planning to do this on the month of February were I want to update and share my journey here on this blog.

6. More Music Discoveries.

Will getting ready my ears and my mind to discover more tunes, melodies and compositions this year.

7. Supporting Vegan/Cruelty-free products.

As a pet lover, I’m not comfortable that the product we use are not naturally made, or tested on animals. Since 2016, I was searching and practicing to make such treatments or alternatives that are usually can see in our public market, produce from plants and not chemicals. And that scale of the year, everytime I was in the mall or supermarkets, I always see first the packaging if it is not tested on animals or cruelty free products. I’m not full pledge vegan, but little by little I try to understand how it goes.

8. Looking forward to help institutions that has environmental/wildlife advocacies.

I’ve been to be a person that has a goal to do things to help others. Since there are so many foundations that supports to humanity, I was thinking to support the other living things aside from us… I want to inspire more to live like I want to, to help institutions that are concern in wildlife and environmental issues. I want this year to be the start.

9. Looking for more concerts to attend.

This year, too many concert line-ups here in the Philippines. Some of them are my future prospects and I can’t wait to attend more of some artist to visit here. I hope I have enought money to make it possible.

10. Plotting a plan to achieve lifetime goals.

As I am working hard this year, I want to earn some lifetime achievement as a fruit of my work. I want a house that will be my cave of my dreams in the next year. I hope I can earn one this year or the following years to come.


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