Top 10 things about my 2017

Here’s how my 2017 looks like…

10. I Procastinate to update my blog.

First of all, I’m so sorry for being lazy about writing something on my blog. I have many drafts that I wrote already, but I suddenly have this feeling that won’t post it right away. Maybe there’s this cases about my devices that I use because a lot of them are not updated so I feel discouraged to post immediately. I hope next year, I have time to my site and make it fruitful.

9. I’ve been a social media person.

When it comes to social medias, my accounts are more updated than this blog of mine. Which is easy accessible to post on. I’m updated on my personal Facebook account, instagram and others. When I finish update my social medias, I immediately look for notifications of YouTube and most of all reading my updates on Wattpad app.

8. Work, Home and Social Media lifestyle.

As I said at number 9 social medias as my lifestyle, also I’m a work and home person. Sometimes I’ve been into other people’s companions but let’s just end there. I am always stays at home in a whole basis after work, going home, update at social media accounts, read, watch and repeat. That’s me in this year!

7. I created new instagram account on my personal blog.

I now have a separate account on this blog. More concentrated on my blog photography, and I’m updated on that! I decided to create it because I want to separate my personal account to my blog account. And hoping to gain more audience on that. Search and follow @mariagoroundphotos for more.

6. My music playlists has a range of whole new different genres.

When it comes to music, I have certain taste about it. I already posted two playlists in the past years, and it getting bigger and bigger. I list my songs to the app “spotify”, and now I have a bunch of kpop, 90’s, 80’s, metal, and classical music there. Also I never forget to list also indie music of different countries.

5. Kpop Concerts.

When it comes to music, 2017 is the most concert years I’ve ever attended, specially kpop concerts. Before, I’m not a kpop concert attendee, I’m a literal rock concert attendee, but this year I try to spice up my music life.

4. Bigbang is V.I.P.

Speaking again of kpop, I am an active Bigbang fan. YG Entertainment fan to be exact. When it comes to kpop music, once its not in YG, I am not a long life listener on that. Once you become a listener on YG artistry I’m enthusiast on their originality to music quality. So sorry, but I’m a YG trash. My ultimate bias in Bigbang is G-Dragon, and so once he had concert here in the Philippines, I can’t wait to see it and I literally attend to watch no matter what.

3. Kdrama is a life also.

Although my kdrama life has aged decades since I was in high school, this year I’ve been explorative on discovering new that also enters my taste. I spend my vacant time on my full time work sneaking to my computer to watch.

2. Wide Photography Learnings.

Since I was hiatus on posting writing on blog, that’s the time how my hobby on photography getting bigger on learnings and life. I updated instagram and think and try what my style is. I brought polaroid 600 cam in the beginning of the year, next I feel eagerly to learn photography and I was craving more on film. So I decided to buy 35mm film SLR. I posted two entry blogs about my first try on film photography in this year, and I am amazed about it up until now.

1. Planning on travelling is getting bigger role.

Yes, this year, I was thinking wide about travelling, and sharing that on the blog. I just thought advance about it this coming year. I just hope also to not procrastinate more about that.


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