When in: PAMPANGA Photo Diary


PAMPANGA, February 12, 2017

Assembly at time 12 in the midnight, depart at 1 drove to Clark. We actually get a one day trip tour to Pampanga to witness the balloon festival and to see scenic activities to the province.

We take time to relax after long hours of work at the office and make ourselves indulge the once in a lifetime experience. 

I brought my two cameras, one loaded in Kodak Pro Image 100 and Kodak High Definition 400. I shot the where the scenes are more on sunlight… By the way, I am studying the Sunny 16 method on the packaging of all film I purchase, since my gear is full manual. I used the High Definition 400, were the lighting is on lit or in sunsets.

We honestly, got a bit disappointed on how our itineraries are made and we make alterations because some places we about to visit weren’t our interests so we flex the time spending at the Sky Ranch, because that’s what they want! How Adventorous they are. And also there’s this summer heat factor that making us to not follow the entire itinerary.

Half of my Pro Image 100 roll are not yet posted, I planned to post it in the next blog post. Comments down below how I improved my film photography or your experience on shooting film.


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