Manila Chinese New Year in 35 mm Film Photo Diary














Strolling around Binondo, Manila Chinatown this Chinese New Year, together with my mom and my friend, we joined around of thousands of people celebrating the traditions of chinese community and admitting myself to a new subject idea for photography.

In order to learn myself the essentials of photography, I exerted effort, time and money to my tools of it. Yes, I have digital camera at my side, but I recently  thought of using a “full-frame”/35mm sensored camera that other photographers using, since my digital ones is not that full-framed sersor, but, as 35mm/full-framed model cameras are in the market are too much pricey for me, I discover to learn the photography in basics and a little legacy for myself to invest, learning from the basics – The Film. Not that pricey, but it creates natural and more of the technical side of learning the modes of the camera itself than digital ones.

So I called it a “No filter Photography/Natural filtered Photography” because this present time, photography are enhanced by photo filters which digitals are consists of. And I myself honestly admitted that I used filters, but if the filters/presets are too much, I realized that It destroys the quality of photo itself.

As a legacy, let’s explore film photography and keeping the film alive. No one harm if your first photos are not good enough, if it is over exposed or underexposed… or if its is not focused enough to your target subject, remember that a thousands of shot will be fulfilled but only few are chosen as excellent. Here are my shots using my new baby Canon EOS 650 Film SLR with 35 – 105mm in KODAK ColorPlus film with 36 exposures in 200, processed in C-41.

Have you tried the film? Tell me the experiences and thoughts about it, comment down  below. I love learning from you also! 🙂


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