Summer Photo Diaries Part 4

ILOCOS NORTE, May 19, 2016

Morning roadtrips are scheduled this second day tour… And this time, we’re going norther!

First stop, at Cape Bojeador Lighthouse also known as Burgos Lighthouse.

Built in 1892, this lighthouse known also to it’s haunted back stories, but we are not visiting about that… We’re into this beautiful scenery that possesses to this site. And my camera present a lens flare, and it’s beautiful to make this photographs in this early morning.

The view in front gate of the lighthouse lobby.

The light house.

Love the terraces of this lighthouse.

Me with the girls on tour.

Facade view.

Next Stop, the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation.

Wind Mills all over the site, but that’s not the wind mills that are featured in other Philippine post card photos, but these wind mills also the source of electricity of the local living here… So that was an amazing project of the government of this province and to look forward for future power sourcing using nature’s resource.

Zoomed in photographs of the rock formation.

Love the ocean view on the rock formation.

Neighboring road channels will go to the Bangui Wind Mills.

These wind mills are also known as  Bangui Wind Farms. These are also belong to main source of their electricity, and also viewing lovely ocean of the West Philippine Sea.

At  Patapat Viaduct.

This bridge is also a photographic view on our tour, specially facing the ocean view, the flowing waters and the air breeze.

At  Bantay Abot Cave.

This little girl was awesome! She was a locale here that playfully stroll with her friends and then suddenly she befriend us and volunteer to take pictures to this site. It was not just a candid shot but, she threw her creativity that amazed us. She was good at optical illusion shots, and I’m honestly saying that I wasn’t good at it. This Girl is Amazing.

Lastly, we are gone into swimming at noon… At  Blue Lagoon Beach.

I wasn’t able to photograph at the beach because I was enjoying the waters of the sea, and the only photo that I shoot is this, at my phone’s camera before we go to swim. The water was good.

These Photographs was my second installment of our Ilocos tour, yes it was late and summer here in the Philippines was almost turn into wet season, but theres’ saying: “Better late than never”. Most of my Photographs here in the second tour were mixed of a phone and my camera proper. Credits to some photos to my friend  Apple Mae, because she was responsible to the photos that I was in the some place. While me, busying myself on site shoots — And yes, for the sake my blog pictures :).


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