Summer Photo Diaries Part 2

Had a photobomber 🙂

TAGAYTAY CITY, May 08, 2016

It was one fine morning when me and my friend decides to travel a few miles away from our origin to this place. It was called Tagaytay, a highland city that is perfect place to also unwind and recreate. It was located at southern part from Manila and has humidity cool than the city we’ve been to. And it has a beautiful scenery that overlooking the smallest volcano in the Philippines – the Taal Volcano located at the center of the lake and also an active volcano of the country. While my friend is having a good time, I decided also to bring my Mom there, just to relax and release tensions and stress from everyday’s work at the city. And this day also was my present to her at that, because it’s Mother’s Day. This day also was my plan to shoot other places, not just in Manila, multitask things like experiences to travel and to capture what I been to.

By the way I used my iPhone that day the whole pictures because my camera’s battery that I bring is empty with just three photos captured.


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