Summer Photo Diaries Part 1


MANILA, April 2016

As soon as the heat of the sun soaked up on our country, that means summer is coming up. But April, isn’t declarable as the first month of summer, but the heat of it is the sign.

I was intended to see and to post something that is worth “picturesque” scene in Manila. Yes Manila, because this is the capital of the Philippines, where I live. This was in Manila Bay along Roxas Boulevard, a coastline of Manila South Port and was a good place to unwind and hangout or work out. After work, I was thinking about this on – the – spot shoot for “The Golden Hour”, and was waiting for it since 3 in the afternoon is my out from work, 4pm up to 5pm is the waiting game. I was picturing out the sun set at the bay, but unfortunately, the sun didn’t show that day in a matter of some photographers that capture the scene, but the view was majestic and what’s important that I try to figure the exposures and natural lighting of the view that I want to shot.


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