Beauty Report: New Treasures 


Every girls dream has its own vanity… That’s why I posted another beauty segment that I myself using when I’m going to work or going somewhere.

It was almost 8 months since I posted the last beauty report in this blog. Now I posted new ones I used consists of professional, signature and drug store find make-ups. These were make-up that is suitable with my skin types and its up to you if you’re enthusiast on expensive ones or cheap ones because it’s again up to your skin types.



A bottle of primer is a must. I bought it at E.L.F. Cosmetics together with the a bottle of liquid foundation from the same brand. Color sand is suited on my skin color. That two tube type liquid make up from Clinique and Laura Mercier was darker or tanner than my skin color so I used it as a contour.



A set of powder and concealers. I used BYS Cosmetics and Dior SKINFLASH together to make my under eye covered and highlighting my between brows or forehead, bridge of the nose, Cupid’s bow and the tip of the chin. That concealer from BYS and Dior are colors “light” and “rose”. After I conceal and blend it with my base foundation, I set with NYX Matte finishing powder to puff and baked the oily/wet feeling of the foundation and concealers. That Chanel compact powder in “beige” is my go to powder if I needed a touch up.


Eye make up. Mostly I focus on my brows and eyeliners, the brows is a must because I said in my last beauty report that I have uneven or half bald brows. I usually bought a pencil or retractable type but now I tried for months the cake type and it has wax so it can fill in the full brow lines and lead it with brow gel for the hairs of the brow. The ultimate brow kit from Wet n’Wild comes with two brow cakes in a very suitable colors — the dark brown and medium brown. It also has a wax and a tools like mini tweezers and mini flat angled brush. It has build in slide up mini mirror too! That’s amazing for on the go brow sessions. For my eyeliner game I used Nichido liquid liner. And a high definition mascara from the same brand. These past few months I’ve been using an eye palette cause Instagram beauty gurus from all over the world uses eyeshadow palettes to enhance eye crease. So I bought a month ago the Maybelline the Nudes cause I also caught my attention to what I watch in Instagram update of one beauty guru’s used to lead a path in make up artistry. And she eventually did the perfect effects on her eyes… So until now I use this for everyday make up at work.


Lip babies. The last time I post I used NYX, BYS in their darker attitudes. Now I added new hues to describe my personality as make up caught the attention of it. I added Elizabeth Arden  Exceptional lipstick in “Heather Rose”. NYX cosmetics matte lipstick in “butter” my alternative closer to MAC‘s “stone” but lighter than mac. Other three, Loreal, NYC cosmetics, and Lime Crime are both mattes that added my goth but chic senses.


For touch ups and obsessive matte finish I use that setting spray by NYX cosmetics to make my whole day make up undestructable plus, I had oily skin so it’s prone to stickiness and unmanageable breakouts specially on the used foundation and concealers on my skin. That elf cosmetics contour and blush duo was also a touch up to my cream contouring, and to make more add depth on my face.


It was not make up I know. But I’m now addicted to this scent next to Aqua di gioia of Giorgio Armani… But this time it was Issey Miyake‘s Pleats Please turn to caught my smelling senses.


Hope you get inspiration from this post. Comment and subscribe to my blog for additional questions or suggest something.


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