Manila in photograph


 “The Eye should learn to listen before it looks.”

– Robert Frank

       Me in a shadow selfie… I posted in my Instagram account @mariamorphia92.

 Short cut for “Pedestrial Crossing”.

 Morning walk.

    “Maya” that little bird called it.


       The Manila Hotel.

One fine morning I take stroll at Rizal Park after my graveyard shift duty of February 23, 2016. I was eager to  capture things, so I decided to take the morning walk before go home… And I find myself exactly what I’ve imagined before I do this activity.

And this how it started this photoshooting Manila scene, I was imagining/planning to create something like photos captured in an analog camera or film but in a digital way — so presets is a thing. In another scene, I want it black in white which is unusual in my blog, like I was had b&w in previous blogpost but then, It was just a glimpse to add more drama. This time it was purely intentional because I explore many things on photography. As I shoot many scenarios, it stored many photos but these 28 photos above are only chosen, maybe because some had bad quality. I was aware that 28 photos is so redundant if all of these were preset-ted  in black and white (yeah,I’m also eager to post colored ones as a whole) so I decided that I  mixed colored and black and white in one post — again, to add drama. Anyways, whatever exactly I’m doing is also a good point on how created something new to me… And learning on how a angles are or how a preset used to in a manner that pleasing to the eye. I want photos that are pleasing to my eye as possible, because I had an eye problem when it comes to bold colors or contrasting ones but I manage to take a look and appreciate certain works that has it.


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