Knitted Sweater – Thrifted

Skirt – Thriftedd

Shoes – T.U.K. Creepers

Just another outfit post of mine wearing again? – Thrifted treasures. I find interest on some vintage finds on the metro and I don’t do shop in a branded ones for a meantime… Maybe it releases my tensions on some situations when I shop unique finds at thrift stores here in Manila. These outfit were usually my uniform when i go to work. And I mixed and match it with my other dress especially the shoes… Sometimes when I’m in mood of skinny jeans I wore that or if the weather gets misty or rainy, that suits my creeper mode moods. Also I love the skirt, my fave colors in every season were in these types of clothing.

Anyways… My photos are blurry again and I find it weird cause it ruins the post but then, I will try to manage to shoot superb ones. Hope to have a new one for my next blog post.


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