Hideous Towns





This was the best portrait shot by my friend  Apple Mae Pancho. 🙂

Top – Thrifted

Jeans – Divided by H&M

Shoes – City Sneaks

It’s been a long time since I updated a blog post and a style post I’ve been busy these days at work and no time to write on about my personal style… My camera memory card does a full storage so I can’t shoot any photographs. This style post was basic one, I wore it when I got to go work or on a casual date with a friend or girlfriends. The top has the textured designs like a ripped holes though it has that it does not see through on my skin, but I prefer to wear inner garments like black bandeau to add the style. I pair it with my so far favorite jeans I bought at an H&M store and also my favorite daisy printed sneakers from at city sneaks and I bought at Payless Shoe source.
A sneakers are also a friendly shoe when you were having a long walks and strolling around the city. And this was taken last September 8 at Intramuros, Manila together with my friend Apple Mae at my last post entitled to her name. The walled city within a city.

Hope you have a great reads today.


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