Songs always look up to when I get in the workloads.

Even in and out of our home and work, I realized that in my list of my  bag statements headset or headphones are a must before I live the entire whole world to face the whatever journey I’ve been to.
So here are list of soundscapes that you should try to listened to;

When I’m off to work, while on a road, commuting, I used to listen to some random Sia, Maroon 5Icona Pop and Linkin Park albums to make me feel great even I’m in a rush hour.

From Sia‘s a 1000 Forms of Fears:

  • Eye of the needle
  • Dressed in black
  • Chandelier
  • Burn the pages
  • Fire meet gasoline

Maroon 5‘s random songs:

  • Not falling apart
  • Animals
  • Lady killer
  • Fortune teller
  • Leaving California
  • Never gonna leave this bed

Icona Pop‘s This is… Icona Pop and Iconic Albums:

  • I love it (feat. Charli XCX)
  • In the stars
  • Heads up
  • Manners
  • Top Rated

And the only Hybrid Theory and Meteora of Linkin Park:

  • In the end
  • Faint
  • Points of authority
  • Numb
  • One step closer
  • Somewhere I belong
  • Lying from you

They’re making me hype when traffic comes or out of nowhere I’m bored at a bus or any public utility vehicles.
When I get into the office and about logged in workloads, I used to search automatically the playlists of Evanescence, Limp Bizkit, System of a Down, Korn and Deftones.

Evanescence‘s random songs:

  • Going Under
  • Call me when you sober
  • Lithium 
  • Sweet sacrifice

Evanescence is the only pop out in my head when I get the boredomness gets into me even if I’m busy doing something and it leads to other bands that mention earlier.

Limp Bizkit‘s random songs:

  • Break stuff
  • My way
  • Nookie
  • Faith
  • Rollin’

Limp Bizkit got me the attention of being bouncy and at same time rapping words in a metal band… It bursts my angst and bad sides when I’m hearing those songs and realized that I’ve freed them and not to bore them in me.

After limp Bizkit, It leads the playlist to some System of a Down songs:

  • Chopsuey 
  • Toxicity
  • Aerials

Only three songs I’ve always been added to my ear because it reminds me the parody of our local band Parokya ni Edgar‘s the Ordertaker which they mashed up the two tunes of the songs chopsuey and toxicity in a Filipino lyrics.

Next is random songs of the band Korn, that I don’t have in phones music stream. The songs:

  • Freak on a leash
  • Falling away from me
  • Coming Undone
  • A.D.I.D.A.S.
  • Twisted Transistor
  • Clown

They give me nostalgia of the days I went something rebellious and these songs that I’ve been into. I know their so much censorship on the songs that I mention above but to me, these bleeps are the truth and what’s the biggest revelation of a certain song.

And the last band that indulges my senses is the Deftones. Again random of their songs:

  • Be quiet and drive (Far Away)
  • Digital bath
  • Change (In the house of flies)
  • Minerva
  • Back to school (Mini Maggit)
  • Hole in the earth
  • Hexagram
  • Sex tape
  • 7 words
  • Bored
  • Beauty School
  • My own summer

Those songs are recently my work theme songs that giving me enhancers to work simultaneously and quickly. The voices of the vocalist of this band make wanna freeze for a moment and in one swift of the band’s drums it could wake me up to reality… Just like what I’ve feel in the songs my own summer, be quiet and drive, 7 words, hexagram, minerva, and change (in the house of flies) that usually wakes you up if the vocals screams after he sang such indulgeable voice.

All of the songs mentioned above are screaming and some say it’s noisy but I don’t care, I just enjoy to hear them. The only one Deftones song that you cannot hear them scream is their song sextape. It was abstract even the music video was great to watch. It was melodic in the sense when you hear it and watch the video of it together.

Some say in the comments that their songs are the “turn on” when they hear them… And I think of them that it was true. But for me songs are songs it depends on how you appreciate it.

Some say that it wasn’t essential that I have those kind of songs/ genre on my phones playlist to a girl like me, I wasn’t aware of it but as I was saying song is a song I appreciate this kind of music so I am responsible to play and suck the headset on my ears and headbang until my head off.

Hope you got my point. I’m currently looking forward to holloween 👻💀

Stay safe.


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