Under Your Spell







Top – Vintage

Jeans – H&M (High-Waist Skinny) similar here

Blazer – Thrifted

Shoes – City Sneaks

LSS about the song entitled “Under Your Spell” by Desire.

My Tonsils got hurt again today, but I’m eager to post in this style I got a days ago… Another vintage/thrifted style that I’ve been to… It’s comfy and affordable and it is where my senses alive. Taking pictures, style at my own risk.

I’ve worn first the Vintage one, that Top with a tie-dye flower design in blue is so fit. I get from a donation for a cause and I can’t let go of that since then. Second is the Thrifted, that black blazer in a three-forth sleeves with slit is a staple. Since I was working in an office, I was jumbling on my mind if I wear a little bit serious, a serious that could be a swaggy outfit even if I am in jeans, a shirt of any kind or a skirt… And that seriously minding about is to thrift blazers, coats that are comfortable to wear. And Lastly, the jeans and the sneakers, my typical type clothes that are washed and wear repeatedly. That daisy printed sneakers is my favorite.

Hope to get me well. Happy Wednesday!


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