July 2015 Photo Diary


The best thing about picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.

– Andy Warhol


Approaching McArthur Bridge

Walking on my favorite sneakers

Post and Lintels of the Manila Post Office

Pasig River, Manila

One of the historical buildings approaching Escolta, Sta. Cruz, Manila

Our “little dog’s” face 🙂

Another one from her.

Stray cats at our house

Long long days since I first post my photographs. And eventually I have some incidences that I am conquering… But that was not a hindrance to do what I want to do… And this skill releases my tensions and make me become a better person… As I thought it was my hobby, I relate my inner goddess to these photographs that could make my “where I live” justice, that every time I traveled from home to workplace and vise versa.. These photographs are the representation of what our eyes see and you wanted more. More like it was a life goal.

Hope will inspire you to visit to these sites.

Happy Sunday.


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