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I know all of us have the taste when in terms of music. All of us have different genres to listen too! And this blog post talk about what my current listed on my phone’s playlists…

Whenever what my mood was or what are my life’s desire to listen or what am I right now… By the way credits to Google about the Album Photos to be featured here.

First, when first of July here in the Philippines had a stormy weather, while I’m going to work my blues got hit my mood… I’m listening to a Korean indie bands like Tearliner, Misty Blue and Adultchild…


Tearliner’s random songs:
1. Raincoat (A Passing Rain ver.)
2. Love Traveller
3. Watch the star


Adultchild‘s :
2. B tl B tl
3. Annabelle Lee
4. Loss

When I’m in mood of throwing back alternative, punk, rock or grunge genres, which is all of my phone’s entire music has this. I’m being listen to whole best songs of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Hoobastank, and Lifehouse.


Tove Lo‘s two songs that I like was inserted:
1. Habits
2. Not on drugs


Also Grace feat. G easy‘s “You Don’t own me” found on my playlist.

Because I am an Asian, Korean pop music are also there! I don’t know why I like listening to them, even though our language and theirs are not the same but I like to listen to it! Maybe because of their tunes are have a happy and colored vibes to it that here at my work are not making me bored. So here are the lists…


2ne1 random picks:
1. Ugly
2.Can’t Nobody
3. I am the best
4. Do you love me
5. I love you


I’ve been a fan of CL of 2ne1 and I pick two of her songs:
1. MTBD (Mental Breakdown)
2. The Baddest Female


On boy band, BIGBANG made my days… Worthful!
1. Loser
2. Bang Bang Bang
3. Bae Bae
4. Sober
5. Fantastic Baby



And in bigbang’s leader G Dragon, who’s my currently inspiration when it comes to some fashion sense and a plus to a rapping music skills… I choose two random songs of him:
1. Crayon
2. Crooked

G dragon’s song ‘Crooked’ was my favorite because I relate the meaning of the song at me…

On my recent search I used to listen also to Echosmith but again randomly chooses a songs like:
1. Come together
2. Talking dreams
3. Cool kids

Rita Ora, Charli XCX, and Iggy Azalea hit also at my playlist…

Rita Ora‘s: “Poison”
Charli XCX‘s: “Famous”

And a collaboration of two above: “Doing it”.

Lastly, Iggy Azalea‘s “Fancy”.

All of these are shuffled and repeated up to the top list and also my inspiration to my lifestyle like reading e-books and paint and draw some subjects. Sometimes I’m exploring many genres and taste when it comes to music… Like now I’m listening to these because it enlightens my day to day work but if my “brain cells” gets bored and my fingertips are swiping at my master lists of songs at my phone, sometimes I delete 1 or more than 1 songs that are boring form me and add a new one… In anyways we give importance and an ear to listen to these artists… And maybe throwing back it again anytime.

Hope this blog post may give you an idea to try some of these songs and inspired you in any way.

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