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white-31-phillip-lim-top-eggshell-plaid-vintage-skirt_400 (1)

white-31-phillip-lim-top-eggshell-plaid-vintage-skirt_400 (4)

white-31-phillip-lim-top-eggshell-plaid-vintage-skirt_400 (3)

T-Shirt – 3.1 Philip Lim

Skirt – Vintage

Shoes – Dr. Martens

I’ve been into these tees these past days… And I’m having a long hiatus about my blog post because of some instances. This tee was from 3.1 Philip Lim that I’m just caught at our clothes cabinet and to give it a life, I paired it with this vintage plaid skirt that my cousin from canada many years ago… I just fit it out with my yellow Doc Martens that I bought online at my cousin’s shop… And it’s limited edition so grab it up.

Hope to be not so hiatus.


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