She NAILED: Matte Nail Polish, the cheapest way.

Girls are having fun of “Nail Art-ing” and from this segment of my blog, I will show you the cheapest Matte Polish that some girls here in the Philippines, obsessed of…
When I was in the market yesterday, I’m roaming around for that so called “matte nail polish”, but then as time goes by, I decided to look not only for that polish but also some other stuffs that are related in nail art-ing. And I just found out this…
This is Bobbie Basic Coat Matte Top Coat. I am amazed what this polish looks like when it applies, then as see on the picture, like I said earlier I look the other stuffs as well… i buy and used red polish like this one…
This also a Bobbie Premium Nail Creme in Perfect Red. I first coated it in my cleaned fingernails, and for finale the matte top coat as it switch it from shiny sheer to matte finished polish. These polish can bought from about less than 100 pesos here in leading supermarket and beauty boutiques in the Philippines. I hope this post will help to those who are looking for matte finished polish.
Here are some of my photos experimenting other color(black), finished using  Bobbie Basic Matte Top Coat.

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